Related Interdisciplinary Courses

AMATH 422: Introduction to Mathematical Biology
AMATH 423: Mathematical Biology: Introduction to Stochastic Models
AMATH 503: Mathematical Biology I
AMATH 504: Mathematical Biology II
AMATH 531: Mathematical Theory of Cellular Dynamics
BIOEN 488/588: Computational Protein Design
BIOL 510: Seminar in Mathematical Biology
BIOST/STAT 550: Statistical Genetics I: Mendelian Traits
BIOST/STAT 551: Statistical Genetics II: Quantitative Traits
BIOST/STAT 552: Statistical Genetics III: Design and Analysis in Medical Genetics Studies
CONJ 548: Modeling proteins and proteomes
Genome 373: Genome Informatics
Genome 540: Introduction to Computational Molecular Biology: Genome and Protein Sequence Analysis
Genome 541: Introduction to Computational Molecular Biology: Molecular Evolution
Genome 554: Genomic Informatics
Genome 559: Introduction to Statistical and Computational Genomics
Genome 570: Phylogenetic Inference