Information for Prospective Students

The Computational & Synthetic Biology faculty all look forward to working with bright new students. If this is an area that appeals to you, we encourage you to apply. Unlike some schools, where faculty more or less directly admit their own graduate students, admissions to the Computer Science & Engineering graduate program is run by a departmental admissions committee. The departmental web has extensive information for prospective students, including detailed application instructions. Prospective students may also be interested in applying (in parallel) to the Computational Molecular Biology Ph.D. certificate program, in which we are a Participating Department.

Joint research advising by one of our faculty and a biologist from another department is common. You can see some examples among our current graduate students. Peruse our list of alumni to see where our former graduate students are now and how they have fared. Peruse our research pages to see a sampling of current projects, all of which are heavily driven by graduate students.