Seelig Wins Sloan

Georg Seelig has received a 2011 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship, among the most selective awards for young scientists.

Seelig, a synthetic biologist, joined CSE and EE in 2009. He received a Diploma in Physics from the University of Basel in 1999 and a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the University of Geneva in 2003. Before coming to UW he was a postdoc at Caltech working with Erik Winfree and Michael Elowitz. He is interested in understanding how biological organisms process information using complex biochemical networks, and how such networks can be engineered to program cellular behavior. Engineered circuits and circuit elements are being applied to problems in disease diagnostics and therapy.

CSE's Anup Rao also won a Sloan Fellowship; the two join 15 UW CSE faculty members so-honored in previous years.

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Georg Seelig
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Dynamic DNA nanotechnology using strand-displacement reactions.