MicroFootPrinter is a front end to the FootPrinter phylogenetic footprinting program, but with specific focus on prokaryotic genomes. You supply a prokaryotic species and gene of interest, and you set a few parameters (or leave them at their default values). MicroFootPrinter will then find related prokaryotes containing a homologous gene, and run FootPrinter to identify motifs that are well conserved across the cis-regulatory regions of these homologous genes.

MicroFootPrinter's Search feature is very useful for quickly finding species and genes of interest. Enter your search terms, separated by spaces. All search fields are considered, and any partial or complete match found to any of your terms is included in the results. We recommend that you use this feature.

For more information, please read (and cite, if appropriate):

Neph, S. and Tompa, M., MicroFootPrinter: a Tool for Phylogenetic Footprinting in Prokaryotic Genomes. Nucleic Acids Research, vol. 34, July 2006, W366-W368.

Sample output corresponding to the Bacillus subtilis metK gene.

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MicroFootPrinter was designed by Shane Neph and Martin Tompa.