Collaborations with Industry and Research Labs

We have had and continue to enjoy a very active collaboration with biologists in the biotechnology industry and research laboratories:

  • Larry Ruzzo is a Joint Member of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. He and alumna Ka Yee Yeung (now Research Associate Professor of Microbiology) have collaborated with members of Brian Reid's Lab on gene expression in Barrett's esophagus. Ruzzo and alumna Elizabeth Tseng have collaborated with the Lampe and Stamatoyannopoulos Labs on metagenomics. Ruzzo is actively engaged with Stephen Tapscott's Lab and with Robert Gentleman's group at Genentech on analysis of ChIP-seq data, exploring, for example, the role of MyoD in myogenesis. Alumna Zizhen Yao, now a postdoc in the Tapscott Lab, is a key participant in this project.
  • We have a multifaceted collaboration with the Institute for Systems Biology. Its founder Leroy Hood is an Affiliate Professor in our department. Graduate students Mathieu Blanchette, Jeremy Buhler, Benjamin Diament, Amol Prakash, Saurabh Sinha, Brian Tjaden, Elizabeth Tseng, and Tammy VanDeGrift were actively involved in collaborative projects at the Institute. Larry Ruzzo spent his 2002-2003 sabbatical year as a Visiting Scientist at the Institute.
  • Martin Tompa spent his 2000-2001 sabbatical year as a Visiting Scientist at ZymoGenetics, collaborating with bioinformaticists and molecular biologists. Alumnus Zasha Weinberg was a summer intern there, as were graduate students Elizabeth Tseng and Adrienne Wang.
  • Martin Tompa spent his 2007-2008 sabbatical year as a Visiting Scientist at Rosetta Inpharmatics, a division of Merck, and alumna Ka Yee Yeung collaborated with Rosetta scientists on gene regulatory networks.